Bibliographic Guide to Chicana and Latina Narrative – Kathy S. Leonard

1173521-M“In 1997 I published a volume titled Index to Translated Short Fiction by Latin American Women in English Language Anthologies, and while reviewing countless volumes to be included in the book, I inevitably came across a great deal of work by Latina and Chicana authors, work that did not fit the criteria for the bibliography I was compiling, specifically because it did not involve Latin American authors whose work had been translated from Spanish to English. I initially discarded this material because it did not suit my needs, but was soon convinced by the sheer numbers of publications that another bibliographic guide detailing this work was needed. This motivated me to create this current volume, which I hope will serve as a useful resource for those who wish to further explore the richness and complexities of Latina and Chicana narrative.”

-from the Introduction

Available at the Cervantes Institute Library at Chicago/ Disponible en la biblioteca del Instituto Cervantes de Chicago:



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