Aztlán and Viet Nam: Chicano and Chicana Experiences of the War – George Mariscal, Ed.

aztlan-vietnam-mariscalFeaturing over sixty short stories, poems, speeches, and articles, Aztlán and Viet Nam is the first anthology of Mexican American writings about the U.S. war in Southeast Asia. The works are startlingly frank, moving, and immensely powerful, as they call to our attention an important and neglected part of American history. Gathered from many little-known sources, these writings reflect both the soldiers’ experience and the anti-war movement at home. Taken together, they illustrate the contradictions faced by the traditionally patriotic Mexican American community and show us the war and the grassroots opposition to it from a new perspective–one that goes beyond the familiar dichotomy of black and white America.

Mariscal offers critical introductions and provides historical background by identifying specific issues that have not been widely discussed in relation to the war, noting, for example, the potential for Chicano soldiers to recognize their own ethnic and class identities in those of the Vietnamese people. Drawing on interviews with key participants in the National Chicano Moratorium Committee, Mariscal analyzes the anti-war movement, the Catholic Church, traditional Mexican American groups, and an emerging feminist consciousness among Chicanas. Aztlán and Viet Nam powerfully evokes the debates about the war within Mexican American communities and enhances our understanding of one of the most divisive moments in the nation’s history.

-from the back cover

Available at the Cervantes Institute Library at Chicago/ Disponible en la biblioteca del Instituto Cervantes de Chicago:



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