Dying to Get In: Undocumented Immigration at the U.S. Mexican Border – Brett Tolley

The American dream becomes a nightmare at the only place on earth where the first and third worlds meet. In a gritty examination of the perilous U.S./Mexican border, documentarian Brett Tolley exposes us to a terrain where so many have already perished. Since 1994 the number of crossing-related deaths in the Southern Arizona desert has continued to increase, annually reaching record highs.

This documentary follows men, women and children who are hoping to trade a life of desperation and poverty for one of hope and opportunity. Dying to Get In offers an inside look at the harsh reality of today’s border crossing–a journey through what has functionally become a gauntlet of death.

– from DVD’s back cover

Available at the Cervantes Institute Library at Chicago/ Disponible en la biblioteca del Instituto Cervantes de Chicago: http://absysnet.cervantes.es/abnetopac02/abnetcl.exe?ACC=DOSEARCH&xsqf99=@titn=570105

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