Entering a Life – Ernesto Trejo

"portada del libro de Entering a Life"


Against the elm
that spun its rumor
up and down the block
one afternoon
your bike leaned
like a drunk
among others
a pearl of sweat
on the handlebar

Your hero that summer?
The kid who climbed
the streetlights
and shattered them
one by one
with his baseball bat

Hair in the armpits
like weeds
in a vacant lot
Tyranny of tight shoes
your bones
stretching like a cat
at dawn

You bowed
to the crown of blood
your foot
by a rusty nail

you bowed to the stars
that came out
like shy students
and took their places

You bowed
to the warm shoulders
of desire
nudging you
like a brother
in the dark

–Opening poem of Entering a Life

Link to a review: The Olives of Oblivion blog

Link to the Cervantes Institute catalog: http://absysnet.cervantes.es/abnetopac02/abnetcl.exe?ACC=DOSEARCH&xsqf99=@titn=90457



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